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What is Africa Cloud?

A community project

An open invitation to everybody capable of assisting in terms of technology and content to help us build Africa.

Cloud Information centre

The idea of one common platform to share information among all industries and businesses.


We use technology to make it happen. We have a platform where we can connect people, businesses, industries, countries through an adapted cloud interconnection.


Africa’s richest resource is its people. And this is the main focus of Africa Cloud, capacity building in Africa.

Africa Cloud Top Priorities 

Africa is full of talented innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and projects. With Africa Cloud, we want to facilitate the development and promotion of the local people.  The priority is to create a framework that would allow these people to develop their talents and make themselves known via a reputable platform, which will be Africa Cloud.


Increase Internet connectivity across all the regions of Africa and reduce Internet Costs.

Internet for all no matter where you live in Africa region.


Facilitate education across all ages, starting from secondary schools to anybody willing to learn with a set of tools such as an online library, an e-learning platform as well as counselling.


Promote the work and skills of local people to showcase the talents in the region. Start building local content, which will be more specific to the constraints to the continent.

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Who can benefit?

tech students at Africa Cloud

Technology Students

I want to learn about cloud computing, specialise myself, learn a coding language or find my vocation. I need a free platform testbeds for learning. 

Innovation Startup at Africa Cloud

Innovation Start ups

We want to get ourselves known locally, encourage local businesses to try our innovations and obtain public contributions to our ideas. 

Product developer at Africa Cloud

Product Developers

We need cost effective test environments to test our products. We need the tools to help us progress with no barriers.

Business at Africa Cloud

Business entrepreneurs

We want to connect to other businesses, be aware of latest tech developments on our markets and promote our business in the region.

About us

We are a non profit organisation, launching a project to lead Africa into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our objective is to enable, educate and empower the African people. we aim to achieve this ambitious mission by using technology and gathering African tech elites on one platform.