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Africa Cloud (AfCloud) is a community project that aims to create a Cloud Information Centre for the region.

Our mission is to empower people through IT, create IT awareness, enable research and encourage Innovative ideas that can contribute to Africa content growth. This will in turn naturally develop industries such as Agriculture, Ecology, Energy, Telecommunications, Education, Health, Food, Water among others.

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Our Mission


Africa Cloud aims to enable information accessibility by making Internet access available to all, in Universities, Campuses, Research centers, Schools. By reducing the Internet cost while increasing the Internet coverage and connectivity in all regions in Africa. Internet for all no matter where you live in Africa region.

Key items that can make this feasible:

  • Interconnect Data Centers, Universities, Campuses, eXchange Points in a way to keep all the local traffic local.
  • Make resources available to the nearest location.
  • Ensure each entity can back up each other by putting in place a continuity plan which takes into account the African Internet constraints.
  • Keep data local and accessible all the time irrespective of outbound Internet connectivity.
  • Reduce outbound Internet transit consumption and costs.


Educate children of all ages, older generation and anyone in the Africa region through the learning platform enabled by the project Africa Cloud.
Key items that can make this feasible:

  • An e-learning platform dedicated to the Africa region aimed for capacity building on the continent.
  • A virtual library promoting continuous learning and continuous improvement.
  • Testbeds platform for developers involved in innovative projects related to sustainable development in Africa (machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, ecological development in different industries such as Agriculture, Banking, Telecommunications, Mining, Tourism)
  • Provide easy access to IT and coding experience for primary and secondary education.
  • Make training courses accessible to anybody in Africa interested in developing her/his skills in any participating industry in the community program.


Empower​ people by promoting innovative ideas and skills. Key items that can make this feasible:
  • a Marketplace for Africa promoting local innovations.
  • Provide a framework for developers to promote their personal developments to the local community.
  • Enable local developers to promote themselves and get their work recognized.
  • Encourage production of local content.
  • Incubate, fund and coach local entrepreneurs.

How can Africa Cloud be a reality?

With Technology

Cloud based Architecture

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Can support micro services technologies such as containers, kubernetes, serverless.

Open Source Tools

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Built with open source tools. Using GPL license and compatible.

Infrastructure as Code

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Cloud Infrastructure written in human language based on YAML.


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Can run on private, public or hybrid cloud with the same easiness.

Automated Deployment

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Based on automated tools such as Ansible and Terraform.

Automated Documentation

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Standardisation of all procedures through automation.

Multi Tenant

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Privacy, Security and System isolation.

API Restful

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Several service items are API restful and ready to be used.

Who can benefit?

tech students at Africa Cloud

Technology Students

I want to learn about cloud computing, specialise myself, learn a coding language or find my vocation. I need advice.

Innovation Startup at Africa Cloud

Innovation Startups

We want to get ourselves known locally, encourage local businesses to try our innovations and obtain public contributions to our ideas. 

Product developer at Africa Cloud

Product Developpers

We need cost effective test environments to test our products. We need the tools to help us progress with no barriers.

Business at Africa Cloud

Business Entrepreneurs

We want to connect to other businesses, be aware of latest tech developments on our markets and promote our business in the region.

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